Our First Sensory Tub

lentils popcorn sensory tub

I’ve seen Allie on No Time for Flash Cards do sensory tubs over and over, and I’ve never understood the draw.

They seemed messy and pointless.

They are messy…

Making Paper Horses – An Easy Preschool Craft

making paper horses

I found the most fabulous crafty blog. My favorite project so far has been the paper horses.

Ann Wood decorates them fabulously – with lace, feathers, paint, and all sorts of other media.

Around here, we concentrate on markers and crayons.


beautiful artists

I like projects.

Grace likes projects, too.

Even Joe gets in on the project-making.

Sometimes, Grace’s projects turn out better than my own.

A Saturday Afternoon

mom comfy place to nap

I’m pretty sure that Mom, in some language, means a comfy place to nap away Saturday afternoons.

If that’s not the case, my family has been misinformed.

Heart-Shaped Pizza

heart shaped pizza

Joe, Grace, and I recreated No Time for Flash Cards’ heart-shaped pizzas on Valentine’s Day. I love using cookie cutters to make unexpected food shapes, and we all loved eating these pizzas!

Sitting and Spinning

sit n spin

Gracie found her Musical Sit ‘N Spin in her toy box this week. She’d didn’t remember it, so it was a brand new toy for her. She spun until I thought she should be dizzy. When she was done spinning, she beat it like a bongo drum. And then, she tried spinning atop the handle. […]