The Little Sister


Dear Allie, I wonder what you would be like if you didn’t have an older sister. Being the little sister is so much a part of who you are that I can’t imagine you any other way. You follow Grace wherever she goes. You look for her when she’s not home, poke her when she’s […]

My First Sibling Squabble

sibling rivalry

My witty and charming post follows this sponsored message from BlogHer and Green Works®.   I broke up my first sibling fist fight last week. It was not the first time that my dear, sweet 4-year-old became a scary, mean ogre, intent on causing harm to the interloper sucking away her beloved mother’s attention and […]

Comparing My Girls

Grace 12 weeks

Allie is quickly growing in a person. She has likes and dislikes. She interacts with us more and more, and she has discovered some of her toys. I took this picture one evening last week, and I marveled at her big eyes. They’re almost always open and looking. She’s an observer, that kid. I would […]

Sister Love


I am inadequate, but I am doing something right. Because these girls adore each other. Adore. Each. Other. They adore each other absolutely. Allie’s face lights up when Grace smiles at her. Grace lights up just to see her baby sister. Two are better than one, Because they have a good reward for their labor. […]

Sister Lullaby

sister lullaby

Big sister Grace switches between moments of impetuous affection and moments of loving concern and goodwill toward her baby sister. I bite my tongue when really I want to scold, “Leave your sister alone!” or “Quit touching her!” I never say those things because I don’t want to discourage the overwhelming attachment she feels to […]

Grace and Allie

Hospital Photo

I was asked this week whether Allie looks like Grace as a newborn. I don’t think so. A Few Minutes Old Hospital Photo Two Days Old What do you think? Happily submitted to Give Me Your Best Shot, Finer Things Friday, Just for the Joy of It, and I’m Lovin’ It Fridays

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