Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers

38 Christmas Ornaments Preschoolers Can Make

We have a small Christmas tree that we rarely use.

We bought it the year that I was pregnant with our daughter, when I couldn’t manage our normal 7-foot Christmas tree.  Aside from that one Christmas, we’ve never used it.

This year, we decided to put the small tree up in Grace’s bedroom, on her dresser.

Then Joe and Grace set out to decorate it using ornaments and materials they crafted together.

preschool Christmas tree

  • Ornaments to Make With a Preschooler

    This is the post that started it all. It’s a round up of tutorials from across the internet. The tutorials are divided into 10 categories.

  • Our Ornaments & Mishaps

    • Making a Colored Pasta Garland

      We made a simple garland using pasta that we dyed at home and a gold ribbon.

    • The Painting Mishap

      It started as a hand print project, but it ended as something entirely different.
      painting with a preschooler

    • Beaded Candy Cane Ornaments

      We made candy canes and wreaths using traditional materials – pipe cleaners and tri-beads.
      beaded wreath craft

    • Jingly Pom Pom Christmas Ornaments

      The pom pom/jingle bell ornament that Grace made is too big and heavy to hang on her little tree, so it’s hanging on her door knob at the moment.
      pom pom ornament craft

    • Angel Tree Topper

      After learning the significance of the angel and the star, Grace decided to top her tree with an angel. This is what we came up with together.
      angel tree topper craft

    • A Painting Success

      These were simple, inexpensive wooden ornaments from the craft store. Grace painted them and hung them on her tree.
      painted ornaments

    • Pom Pom-filled Glass Ball Ornaments

      We helped Grace to stuff leftover pom poms in small glass ornaments. The results are really pretty!
      sparkly pom pom ornaments

    • Pom Pom Cupcakes

      A little glue and a few leftover pom poms made the cutest cupcakes to ever hang on a Christmas tree. These were one of the most simple crafts to complete.
      pom pom cupcake ornaments

    • Button-Covered Christmas Ornaments

      This button-covered styrofoam ball held Grace’s attention for several days as we applied buttons and waited for glue to dry. It was a real success in our ornament creation.
      Christmas ornament covered with buttons

    • Sequined Snowflake (and other shaped) Ornaments

      These sequined-covered popsicle sticks were easy to paint and turned out really well. We ended up making a bunch – snowflake, star, reindeer, house, tree, and more.
      Christmas Ornaments Preschoolers Can Make

    • Styrofoam-filled Ornaments

      There is no end to what you can stuff in a plain glass ball. We crumbled a block of styrofoam and used the pieces to fill some ornaments.
      Christmas Ornaments for Preschoolers

    • Washi Tape Christmas Tree Ornament Craft

      These simple paper trees are covered with washi tape or stickers and hung on the tree. So cute!
      Finished Washi Tape Christmas Tree