Thanks for writing. I really enjoy reading your thoughts and suggestions.

That said, I receive hundreds of emails every day, and I cannot respond to each one.

Will you promote my ________?

It is unusual that I endorse a product, service, or site that I don’t already use. The best way for me to promote you is to sponsor a post or giveaway or buy advertising.

How can I buy advertising on Feels Like Home?

Please see my advertising info sheet.

Do you accept guest posts?


Can you recommend an e-book on ________?

Probably, yes. I am an e-book addict lover, and I have hundreds of them stowed away on my computer. I’m working on a recommended resources page for my favorites.

Still have a question or just want to say hi?

You can email me at Please note in your email whether you need a personal response or if it’s okay to answer your question in a post.