How to Memorize Scripture as a Family {Plus a Giveaway}

How to Memorize Scripture as a family using the Charlotte Mason method

I shared on Monday a list of 50 Bible verses I think every Christian should know. I’ve had emails asking how I go about memorizing all this scripture. It seems like a big deal, and it kind of is. You can’t memorize a verse a week without a definite plan that you execute faithfully. It doesn’t […]

My Complete and Utter Devotion to Garth Brooks

garth brooks mom review

I am a Garth Brooks superfan. I have every album he’s ever made, some in duplicate and triplicate (they had different covers! and an extra song here or there!), and both of his box sets. I have his covers and his original songs. I even waited for endless hours in freezing drizzle to get second row […]

My Favorite Mug Plus a McCafé Giveaway


What’s your favorite mug? If you share it with ACME grocery stores, you could win McCafé coffee for a year! My favorite mug is the one I got from the Grand Ole Opry earlier this year. In a whirlwind of offline activity, we went on vacation in Ocean City, Maryland for a week, then three […]

One Dresser, Four Ways


A few months ago, I showed you the new Sauder dresser I ordered online. Above is what it looks like on the Sauder website, not what it looks like at the Ziegmont home. It started out in our playroom, full of stuffed animals and other toys. But we got the girls a huge bunk bed and […]

Childhood Memories and Hoss’s Hossome Burger Fest

Hoss's Salad Bar Review

When I was a little girl, we never went out to eat. Well, never unless you count eating at Old Grandma’s house which we did pretty much every day. But going to a restaurant, even to a fast food joint? There was no money for such luxuries. I do remember one restaurant, though, and I […]

Teaching Your Kids About Fire Safety with Sparky the Fire Dog

Teaching Fire Safety with Sparky the Fire Dog

Do your kids know what to do in case of a house fire? Do you? I’m sorry to say that my I’ve never taught my kids what to do. I’ve always assumed that I’d have time to give them instructions if the need arose. The truth is that’s not always the case. The National Fire […]

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