Tyson Project A+™ Benefits Schools and Homeschools

Tyson Project A+™

In my post last week called 50 Healthy After School Snacks, I mentioned Tyson Project A+™, where schools and homeschool groups can redeem Tyson® product labels for cash. I am super excited about this program, and I want to tell you more about it today. Everyone knows that the average school teacher spends $300-$500 per year […]

How to Remove Clothing Stains

How to Remove Clothing Stains

I recently bought a couple of new shirts. I had previously been using the fact that none of my shirts fit as weight loss motivation, but that wasn’t working out as well as I hoped and I gave in to the temptation to buy bigger clothes. I now have 4 that fit well and look […]

50 Healthy After School Snacks

Afternoon snacks can be healthy AND delicious. Here are 50 ideas to get you started!

Even though we homeschool, my kids hit the mid-afternoon slump just like everyone else’s. There’s that point in the afternoon when all they want to do is lay around and watch tv. Because they’re hungry and thirsty and don’t realize it. So we do afternoon snacks, just like other families do after-school snacks. It’s the […]

Healthy Fruit Snacks Recipe

How to make fruit snacks at home

When I was a little kid, I had the same thing in my lunch every single day: a ham and cheese sandwich with Miracle Whip, a package of fruity snacks, a cookie, and a juice box. I never remember anything else. My kids, too, are totally enamored with fruity snacks. They love them. So, when […]

Kid-Approved Packed Lunches Without Sandwiches


If you’ve been following along with my lunch-packing tips over the last couple of weeks, you have seen 50+ Creative School Lunch Ideas and 5 tips for easier lunch packing. In the 5 tips post, one of the first tips I share is to get your kids involved. Let me tell you something. I set out […]

5 Tips for Easier Lunch Packing

Why didn't I think of these before? These super smart tips will have you whipping up school lunches in no time!

With homeschool co-op starting next week and regular schools starting around the same time, you are undoubtedly starting to think about packing lunches. Keep reading for lunch packing tips. If you are looking for lunch content, head over to this post for 50+ creative school lunch ideas. To begin to prepare for our lunch packing, we headed […]