Handmade Valentine’s Day Ideas, Gifts, and Activities

60+ ideas for a homemade Valentine's Day

I know that Christmas is barely behind us (we still have our tree up since Epiphany was this week), but I am already looking forward to Valentine’s Day. I love the hearts and the kisses and the love that oozes from everyone during the weeks leading up to that day. And also, Joe gave me a […]

Kids Noisemaker Craft for New Year’s Eve

kids noisemaker craft

On Monday, I shared a really fun activity that guided our New Year’s Eve last year. In short, I wrote a bunch of activities on slips of paper, rolled them up, and stuffed them into balloons that the kids popped as the hours ticked by. One of the projects was to make noisemakers for midnight […]

Washi Tape Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Finished Washi Tape Christmas Tree

Are your kids obsessed with tape? Mine are, and they have been since they were old enough to know the word. Can I have a piece of tape? Please? Tape pleeeeeease? It’s like tape is something akin to candy, and my kids can’t get enough. Enter the washi tape craft. The best thing about this […]

How to Make a Sparkly Snowflake Wreath

how to make a snowflake wreath

Isn’t that pretty? I made it last year. One day last December, I happened to be in Walmart when I saw these pretty snowflake ornaments. I knew they would be perfect for a wreath, and I bought two packs. For under $10, I had all the materials I needed to put it together. Snowflake wreath materials: 2 […]

How to Make Easy Marzipan Snowmen

how to make marzipan snowmen

Since our marzipan piggies experiment earlier this year, we have been wanting to make more marzipan candies. They taste amazing, and making them is like playing with play dough. Materials: Marzipan – I tried to find marzipan in the store before, and I couldn’t. Neither could I find almond meal to make my own. I have since purchased […]

An Island Grows Book and Volcanic Island Craft

Volcanic Island Craft - Whole Island

Wouldn’t your kids love to make a volcanic island? It’s a super fun and easy activity that you will all enjoy. Our volcanic island craft began with the Love Books summer book exchange. This was our second year participating in the book exchange; last year we exchanged with 3 Dinosaurs and received The Rainbow Fish book […]