Fortune Cookie Valentines – Free Printable Valentine Fortunes

Fortune Cookie Valentines with 4 pages of printable Valentine fortunes

I was looking at punny (you know, full of puns) Valentines a few days ago, and I had a brilliant thought. My paper fortune cookies would make awesome Valentines. “I am fortune-ate to have a Valentine like you.” “You will soon get a kiss from your Valentine.” So of course, I made a bunch. The […]

Paper Fortune Cookie Tutorial

How to make Paper Fortune Cookies

You won’t believe how easy it is to make these paper fortune cookies. They’re inspired by the Silhouette machine template below, but you can make them almost as easily without a machine. When I saw these paper fortune cookies in the Silhouette store, I had to make some. I downloaded the files, picked out some […]

3D Paper Snowflakes – Christmas Crafts for Kids

3D Paper Snowflakes - Christmas Crafts for Kids

About a week ago, a man from my church told me that he needed to talk to me. My pastor said, “Run, Tara. Run!” I wasn’t sure if it was a joke, and I was supposed to stay or if he was serious, and I was supposed to run away from what was sure to […]

How to Make 3D Paper Poinsettias

How to make 3D Paper Poinsettias

My kids say I’m neglecting them in favor of my new Silhouette CAMEO, which is absolutely not true at all. I totally involve them in almost all my crafty projects. And also, this is not going to become a Silhouette projects blog. I’m just excited about my new toy, so I want to share some […]

Autumn Wreath Craft for Kids (Even Preschoolers!)

Autumn Wreath Craft for Kids (It's easy enough for preschoolers, too!)

I was wondering around the craft store few weeks ago, without my kids (which never happens!), when the fall flowers caught my eye. Each stem was 79¢, 99¢, or $1.29. I bet they’d be even cheaper now being that Thanksgiving merchandise is already on clearance. Because, you know, Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. […]

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