7 Tips for Helping Struggling Writers

7 tips for helping struggling writers

Grace and I have long used a journal during our homeschool time. When she was much younger, she wrote just one sentence and dictated the rest to me. That worked pretty well. All along, I have helped her to sound out her words and reminded her to put finger spaces between the words and add […]

20 Ways to Get Preschoolers Excited About Math

20 ways to get preschoolers excited about math

I have mentioned before (many times) that Grace resists “school time” every day. Because my earliest homeschool lessons were boring and repetitive (because I was strictly following the Calvert curriculum that was at least a year behind her ability), she associates school time with boring and repetitive. It’s hugely unfortunate, and I haven’t been able […]

What is Rainbow Writing and How Does It Help Emerging Writers?

rainbow writing and emerging writers

When we first started homeschooling, I saw rainbow writing all over the place, and I couldn’t figure it out. Back then, Grace resisted all writing practice, and I didn’t really investigate. Now that Grace enjoys tolerates writing practice, and she adores rainbows, I gave it another chance. A lot of people use the term rainbow writing in a lot […]

Sticker Matching Activity & Game for Preschoolers

Sticker Matching Activity & Game for Preschoolers

Are your kids crazy for stickers? Mine are. Both of them, and the sticker addiction began very early. I think Grace was one when she discovered stickers, and Allie was choking on them prior to 6 months (because Grace leaves them all over the place). We had the opportunity to work with a new line […]

Scissor Practice for 2-year-olds

Scissor Practice for 2-year-olds

Do all 2-year-olds have an obsession with scissors? Allie sure does, and I remember Grace having one at 2, too. Every time Allie walks through the dining room (where her special yellow scissors are), she says, I cut paper? I want to cut with scissors. She once cut some contracts in half, but fortunately, keeping the […]

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