Organizing Our Homeschool Supplies

How I Organized Our Homeschool Supplies

We homeschool in our dining room. It’s also the room in which I have quiet time and do crafts and dig in the dirt and do macramé and sew and write in my journal and do pretty much everything else we do. We have a lot of stuff packed into our dining room, and it’s usually all over our […]

7 Tips for Helping Struggling Writers

7 tips for helping struggling writers

Grace and I have long used a journal during our homeschool time. When she was much younger, she wrote just one sentence and dictated the rest to me. That worked pretty well. All along, I have helped her to sound out her words and reminded her to put finger spaces between the words and add […]

20 Ways to Get Preschoolers Excited About Math

20 ways to get preschoolers excited about math

I have mentioned before (many times) that Grace resists “school time” every day. Because my earliest homeschool lessons were boring and repetitive (because I was strictly following the Calvert curriculum that was at least a year behind her ability), she associates school time with boring and repetitive. It’s hugely unfortunate, and I haven’t been able […]

What is Rainbow Writing and How Does It Help Emerging Writers?

rainbow writing and emerging writers

When we first started homeschooling, I saw rainbow writing all over the place, and I couldn’t figure it out. Back then, Grace resisted all writing practice, and I didn’t really investigate. Now that Grace enjoys tolerates writing practice, and she adores rainbows, I gave it another chance. A lot of people use the term rainbow writing in a lot […]

Sticker Matching Activity & Game for Preschoolers

Sticker Matching Activity & Game for Preschoolers

Are your kids crazy for stickers? Mine are. Both of them, and the sticker addiction began very early. I think Grace was one when she discovered stickers, and Allie was choking on them prior to 6 months (because Grace leaves them all over the place). We had the opportunity to work with a new line […]

Making Pictures with Baking Soda and Vinegar – A Cool Science Activity for Kids

Making Pictures with Baking Soda and Vinegar

A few weeks ago, I filled a couple of mini muffin trays with baking soda and gave each of the girls some colored vinegar and pipets to play with. It kept them busy and experimenting for hours, filling and refilling and dripping and pouring. I’ll write about it and share pictures another time. After all […]

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