20 Smart Ways to Raise a Reader

How to get kids to read

My kids love to read, both of them. I love to read, and I’ve been reading books to them by the truckload since they were born. Reading and writing are the most important skills your kids need for school success, whether they go to school or are homeschooled. There is nothing more fundamental to communication than […]

9 Smart Ways to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

How do you keep your kids from losing a lot of educational ground over the long summer break? Here are 9 smart tips for keeping learning in the front of your kids' minds (in a sneaky, non-school-like way).

Summer is the time for playing, relaxing, going on vacation, and watching tv, right? Right? Not exactly. According to a 2001 study from the University of Missouri, kids lose an average of 2 months’ educational progress over the summer. 2 months! In other words, they have to relearn in September and October what they already […]

Play Dough Color Theory for Preschoolers

Teaching primary and secondary colors with play dough

What kids don’t love play dough? I know mine do. One of the things they love most about dough is mixing the colors. If I’ve spent money on little yellow tubs of dough, the very last thing I want them doing is mixing it into mud. So that doesn’t go over very well around here. […]

Scavenger Hunt for Early Readers

Scavenger Hunt for Early Readers

One of Grace and Allie’s favorite activities is to have a scavenger hunt. Once Grace started to read independently, scavenger hunts at our house took on a whole new level of fun. The kids could do them without my help, and I could create more complex hunts with better hiding places. I am taking part in […]

Writing a Letter {Preschool Activity}

Preschool activity writing letters

Everyone loves to get mail. I know not a single person who lacks excitement when she opens her mailbox to find a real note addressed with handwriting from a real person. (As opposed to junk mail and bills, I mean. No one is excited about those.) Allie and I wrote “letters” to send to her […]

Moses and the 10 Commandments Booklet and Activity

10 commandments activity

Whether you are a Christian or not, you undoubtedly know the story of Moses and the 10 Commandments. Right? Everyone knows about the 10 Commandments. There was even a big time movie starring Charlton Heston. Called, you know, the 10 Commandments. Except our kids don’t know about the movie or Moses or even the 10 Commandments […]