10 Things to Cook in a Muffin Tin

muffin pan recipes

Of course, you can make muffins and cupcakes in a muffin tin (FYI: any quick bread or cake recipe, even a boxed mix, will make great muffins or cupcakes), and muffin tins can be used to serve food children. But what else can you use them for? A few of these things are the same as […]

10 Things to Cook in a Bundt Pan

what to do with a bundt pan

Some call it a bundt pan, a fluted pan, or even an angel food cake pan. Do you have one? Do you use it? A tube pan is slightly different than a bundt pan. A bundt pan (pictured below) has indentations that make bumps on the finished cake. A tube pan has a flat bottom […]

9 Ways to Reduce Seasonal Allergy Symptoms without Drugs

9 natural ways to reduce seasonal allergies

Poor little Allie has season allergies. All spring and all fall, she has a stuffy, runny nose, itchy eyes, and a cough caused by the gunk running down the back of her throat. It lingers for months. After going through allergy tests with Grace only to have inconclusive results, I do not want to subject […]

7 Tricks for a Fresher Smelling Home #HealthierHome

7 Tips for a Fresher Smelling Home

When I was in the fifth grade, we had a neighbor who cleaned her whole house with pine-scented cleaner every single day. As soon as you opened the front door, you walked into a cloud of fake pine cleaner fumes. I have a super smeller, and it gave me a headache in under a minute. I […]

My Dirty Family, Getting Rid of Germs, and Staying Healthy in 2014

Staying Healthy in the New Year

Can you identify with this statement? I have crazy, dirty children, a dirty husband, and 2 dirty cats. I’m forever using Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to rid surfaces of grimy fingerprints, nose prints and tongue prints (don’t ask). I wrote that last month, pitching myself to participate in a Clorox Disinfecting Wipes campaign about staying healthy […]

10 Ways to Use a Bounce Dryer Sheet (Without a Dryer)

10 Ways to Use Bounce Dryer Sheets (Without a Dryer)

It has been a long time since I’ve posted a new contribution to my 10 ways to use… series, but I’ve been working on a campaign with Bounce, and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to add to the series. Make sure you keep Bounce dryer sheets out of the reach of children […]

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