7 Tips for More Healthful Family Meals

7 Tips for Healthier Family Meals

Since I began publishing Feels Like Home in 2007, I have advocated for family meal times – making time for them, making cooking them easier, encouraging picky eaters to eat, and savoring the mealtime itself. When Facts Up Front asked me to do a post about their label, it was a no brainer. The Facts […]

10 Tips for Making Easter Dinner Easier featuring HoneyBaked Ham

Tips for Making Easter Dinner Easier

Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus just like Christmas is about His miraculous birth. But I would be remiss if I failed to mention the Easter bunny, the basket-hiding, the candy, the presents, the new pretty dresses,  the egg hunts, and the big family dinner. According to a recent study done by HoneyBaked Ham, almost […]

Bring the Easter Story to Life with A Sense of the Resurrection

A Sense of the Resurrection teaches children about Jesus' death through real life sensory experiences.

We love holidays at my house. Obviously. Even though many all of the holidays have been difficult since my mom died, I think it’s so important to preserve my kids’ childhood celebrations. Holidays are magical when you’re little, and I want my kids to be little for as long as possible. During Advent, we focus […]

Onions and Sinners

Feeding the children

Until Grace was four, she begged me to feed her. “Feeeeeeeeed me, Moooooom!” She’d whine. I didn’t feed her, and she’d eventually give up and feed herself or else not eat. But she was persistent, and she whined every single night. Eventually, when Allie said, “I feed you!” and held up her fork to stuff […]

How to Make Marizpan Piggies for Good Luck

How to Make Marzipan Piggies for Good Luck

I created an elaborate New Year’s Eve experience for my kids, and they loved it. I had planned to do one fun thing every hour, and at midnight (which was really 9pm), we’d do some more special things. We didn’t get through the last third of the fun things because I didn’t want to speed them through […]

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