8 Ways to Become a More Patient Mom

8 ways to become a more patient mom - Great tips!

“I am very angry with you right now!” I snapped at 4-year-old Allie as she sat on the potty at Chik-Fil-A. “Well, Mommeeeee,” she began, matter of fact as always. “I just can’t eat those chicken nuggets. I don’t like chicken nuggets. I don’t eat them ever.” (Which was, in fact, NOT TRUE since she asked for CHICKEN […]

How to Memorize Scripture as a Family {Plus a Giveaway}

How to Memorize Scripture as a family using the Charlotte Mason method

I shared on Monday a list of 50 Bible verses I think every Christian should know. I’ve had emails asking how I go about memorizing all this scripture. It seems like a big deal, and it kind of is. You can’t memorize a verse a week without a definite plan that you execute faithfully. It doesn’t […]

50 Bible Verses Every Christian Should Memorize

50 Bible verses every Christian should memorize

I came to the church as an adult, and part of my journey as a Christian has been to memorize Bible verses. I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. –Psalm 119:11 Hiding God’s Word in my heart is not only a Biblical concept, it is a great […]

A Prayer for the Homeschooling Mom

A Prayer for the Homeschooling Mom

I struggle with homeschooling every day. I used to struggle with a child who didn’t want to learn. She’s past that phase, willing to learn and participate, but I struggle now with my own discipline. Finding the discipline to sit down and prepare her work, battling with a strong willed child who has special learning needs, […]

How to Be a Better Mom – 12 Secrets of a Fun Mom

12 Secrets of a Fun Mom

  Feels Like Home is about living a beautiful, messy life. About getting your hands dirty, enjoying your family, living fully in every moment. Being the mom you want to be. Being the mom you want your kids to remember. Creating the childhood you want them to remember. I’ve written a great little e-guide to help. […]

35 Things I Hope My Kids Will Say About Me Someday

35 Things I want my kids to say about me

I have been making calendars for my grandparents and parents since 1998. The last time we visited, Old Grandma got out the first couple for Joe to see. One of the earliest ones had a poem in it, one line per month. It went something like this: When you thought I wasn’t looking, I saw […]

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