On Two Weeks Without a Computer

Hersheypark Happy

Two weeks ago, my computer died. I posted a the picture above on Instagram. The laptop couldn’t find its large and spacious hard drive. One of my brilliant former students offered lots of advice, but nothing worked. I had to take it in. I took it to the Apple Store, and they offered to fix it for […]

My Word of the Year for 2015

What's your word of the year for 2015?

I spent two days with God earlier in December, and I sought His guidance for this blog, my business, and my life. It was a time of prayer and thanksgiving for all He’s done and all He will do in the coming year. One word came up for me over and over and over. As […]

My Complete and Utter Devotion to Garth Brooks

garth brooks mom review

I am a Garth Brooks superfan. I have every album he’s ever made, some in duplicate and triplicate (they had different covers! and an extra song here or there!), and both of his box sets. I have his covers and his original songs. I even waited for endless hours in freezing drizzle to get second row […]

I Eat Downstairs

how I lost to my 3-year-old

I was sitting in the dining room eating my lunch when Allie came to the table. “I eat downstairs,” she said, grabbing the edge of her plate with two hands. “No, you eat at the table,” I said. “I be careful,” she said. I put a finger on the opposite corner of the plate, preventing it […]

Authentic Chinese Food

A real life adventure - eating authentic Chinese food in Chinatown, Philadelphia

We went to Philadelphia for an overnight mini vacation the weekend before school started. Joe was working an odd shift and had Thursday and Friday off, so we left at 7am on Friday and came home late on Saturday night. We packed a lot of fun into two days and one night. I’ll write about all […]

I Want to Wake Up to a World Where Robin Williams is Alive

Robin Williams

I want badly to wake up tomorrow to a world where Robin Williams is still alive. I want to wake up to a world in which Mrs. Doubtfire and Aladdin’s Genie and Sean Maguire did not succumb to mental illness. I want to wake up to a world where suicide is not the 10th leading cause of […]