My Favorite Mug Plus a McCafé Giveaway


What’s your favorite mug? If you share it with ACME grocery stores, you could win McCafé coffee for a year! My favorite mug is the one I got from the Grand Ole Opry earlier this year. In a whirlwind of offline activity, we went on vacation in Ocean City, Maryland for a week, then three […]

8 Christmas Eve Traditions to Start This Year

Things to do on Christmas Eve

Tradition says that everyone puts out cookies and milk for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Do you? We have a Cookies for Santa plate and a Carrots for the Reindeer plate, but we don’t usually remember to put them out. Sacrilege, right?! We just forget because we have other fun things going on.  So many, […]

Washi Tape Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

Finished Washi Tape Christmas Tree

Are your kids obsessed with tape? Mine are, and they have been since they were old enough to know the word. Can I have a piece of tape? Please? Tape pleeeeeease? It’s like tape is something akin to candy, and my kids can’t get enough. Enter the washi tape craft. The best thing about this […]

10 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas

how to keep Christ in Christmas

I have said often that I am okay having Santa Claus deliver big piles of gifts on Christmas Eve because I am confident that my kids know why we’re celebrating to begin with. But how do they know? It’s not like any child pauses in the middle of tearing wrapping paper to reflect on Jesus and […]

How to Make a Sparkly Snowflake Wreath

how to make a snowflake wreath

Isn’t that pretty? I made it last year. One day last December, I happened to be in Walmart when I saw these pretty snowflake ornaments. I knew they would be perfect for a wreath, and I bought two packs. For under $10, I had all the materials I needed to put it together. Snowflake wreath materials: 2 […]

6 Ways to Celebrate Advent with Kids

how to celebrate advent with kids - smart ideas from a mom and educator

Advent began this week for Christians around the world, but do you really know what Advent is? Advent is the season of waiting for Christmas. It begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, and it ends of Christmas Eve. Many people simplify by celebrating Advent from December 1 to 24. No matter when you observe Advent, […]

How to Make Easy Marzipan Snowmen

how to make marzipan snowmen

Since our marzipan piggies experiment earlier this year, we have been wanting to make more marzipan candies. They taste amazing, and making them is like playing with play dough. Materials: Marzipan – I tried to find marzipan in the store before, and I couldn’t. Neither could I find almond meal to make my own. I have since purchased […]

One Dresser, Four Ways


A few months ago, I showed you the new Sauder dresser I ordered online. Above is what it looks like on the Sauder website, not what it looks like at the Ziegmont home. It started out in our playroom, full of stuffed animals and other toys. But we got the girls a huge bunk bed and […]

The Best Games for Elementary School Kids

The Best Games for Elementary School Kids

  Elementary school kids need to play games. They need to play games because games reinforce math and reading concepts, reasoning and analytical skills, and good sportsmanship. Not to mention that games are just plain fun. We all need to have fun and play just for the sake of playing. (Brené Brown talks about this […]

The Best Games for Preschoolers

The Best Games for Preschoolers

We are a game playing family. It took Grace a few years to catch on to taking turns and good sportsmanship, but then no kid grows understanding those innately. Allie is a little better at this age than Grace was, but she still needs a lot of encouragement and sometimes walks away in the middle […]

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