Hi. I’m Tara.

Tara Ziegmont, Feels Like Home Mom Blog

I am a 30-something wife and mom. These are the two best, most fulfilling, most fun gigs I can imagine, and I try to share that joy with my readers.

I love reading, writing, learning, and making life fun for my daughters. In the summer, I love to hike with my family, swim, picnic, and explore nature. In the winter, I like to watch the snow from my couch.

That last bit, about watching the snow from the couch? Not a joke.

I suffer from migraine headaches, and I have battled my weight for my entire life.

I live the life I love, and I love the life I live.

I work hard to stay positive here; I believe that happiness is a choice we can all make. I love the life I share with my husband, Joe, and our daughters, Grace and Allie, and I celebrate it as often as I can.

Feels Like Home Blog

That’s not to say that my life is all sunshine and daisies. I have bad days. I get crabby. My family hits bumps in the road, once a yearlong string of bumps. Big ones. I wrote about those, too.

My husband and I try (and often fail) to achieve a frugal, back-to-basics lifestyle. As you look around, you’ll find lots of articles about things your Grandmother probably did, like canning, making jam, and sewing.

You can hire me.

I stay busy balancing my passion for blogging with a career teaching science in a public high school my life as a full-time work-from-home mom, inbound marketing manager, and consultant. I work with bloggers, teaching them to improve their SEO and make more money, and I work with businesses, teaching them how to work with bloggers, improve their search traffic, and use social media.

I have a B.S. in secondary education and an M.Ed. in teaching and curriculum, both from The Pennsylvania State University. I also earned a Writing Specialist Certificate from Penn State. If you’re interested in my full professional profile, please jump over to LinkedIn or contact me. I’m really kinda brilliant.

But not modest. That doesn’t come naturally.

Why Feels Like Home?

When I was growing up, my family moved all the time. It felt like we got settled in to a new home and new town, and then we had to move. No place I lived ever really felt like home to me. When I graduated from college, I was determined to build a home for myself and never move again.

At that point, I was a young woman who intended to be a single professional forever and aspired to earn a PhD and become known as the neighborhood cat lady.

God intervened. In 2005, I met my soul mate. Two years (to the day) after our first date, we got married. Ten months after that,  we became the parents of a baby girl. When she was four months old, this blog was born.

These days, I have two precocious daughters. I am a busy mother, and my life feels like home. I know that I’m right where I belong.

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