Growing Peanuts

Early in the spring, Joe purchased a couple of peanut plants.

We knew that peanuts grew underground, like potatoes, but we haven’t had much luck with potatoes. We tried not to get our hopes up.

This week, Joe poked around in the dirt near one of the plants.

We have peanuts.

growing peanuts

I have lots of amazing peanut butter recipes:

I might be drooling a little. I hope there are lots more peanuts underneath that little baby.

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  1. Catherine says

    That is so exciting! Very different to see a peanut laying in the soil like that since they are already cleaned when they are in the stores.
    As a fellow Central PA-er, I know that potatoes can be hard to grow in our clay-filled soil. I think my parents finally had luck with them after many years of adding mushroom soil & tilling & tilling & tilling.

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