Our Family Rules – According to Grace

When I told Grace that I was making family rules, she had some suggestions.

I really wanted to include her suggestions in my finished project, but –


They weren’t exactly the kind of rules you’d want hanging on the wall when someone comes over.

Grace was completely serious as she explained the rules to me. Her finger waggled, and her right hand was on her hip.

I wrote her rules down eagerly, and I promised to include them in my blog post.

Here they are:

The Rules that Didn’t Make The Cut

  • No picking your butt in the bed {This one came from Momma complaining that Grace’s pillow smelled like Grace’s butt.}
  • Wear two buckles when you’re riding in the car {Grace is paranoid about her car seat. I wonder where she got that from.}
  • Don’t leave wet or dirty diapers in the car over night {Once or twice, we’ve been greeted by a stinky car because I left a diaper in there.}
  • No biting
  • No screaming or whistles in the house
  • Always wear a shirt & underwear at the dinner table {She would come to dinner butt naked if I allowed her. Butt naked is her term, by the way.}
  • Always wash your hands after picking your butt {Momma complains when she holds your hand and it smells like your butt.}
  • Don’t get close to an ogre {Okay, this one stumped me.}
  • Eat goodies only on special occasions {Like most kids, Grace would eat candy all day every day. Even now, she asks for a goodie at least 6 times a day.}
  • Only pick your nose in private {Picking your butt, apparently, is allowed in public, but nose picking is reserved for private time.}
  • Don’t come downstairs after bedtime {It took us six months or more to get this drilled into her. Daddy is upstairs with Grace, and I am downstairs working. She is not allowed to come downstairs and disrupt me working; she has to take her issues to Daddy instead.}
  • Play with your sister every day
  • Don’t fuss and you’ll get it done sooner {Oh, how I wish this were the case.}
  • Save a present for tomorrow {I haven’t got a clue where this one came from, but I liked the sentiment of delaying the fun, so I included it in the finished project.}

I couldn’t make this stuff up.

© 2012, Tara Ziegmont. All rights reserved.


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