A New Coupon Feature plus $5 off a Barbie or Hot Wheels toy

No matter what your financial situation, clipping coupons can help maximize your dollars.

I learned a ton about saving money with coupons and other money-saving strategies from Grocery University, a 2+ hour audio course and workbook that I downloaded last year (and highly recommend).

The trouble is, I don’t like dealing with the mess of coupon clippings, not to mention the seventy gajillion pages of a Sunday paper that end up strewn all over by my children and cats. Then there are the store flyers, enticing me to spend my money on things I don’t need.

I don’t buy the newspaper, and I don’t plan to start.

At the same time, I don’t want to miss out on the money that coupons can save.


Enter Coupons.com. Coupons.com offers hundreds of printable coupons every day. You’ll have to download an add-on for your browser (only the first time, though), and you’ll be able to print coupons in the future. Also, be sure your store accepts printed coupons. Some don’t.

To help you join me on this couponing journey, I’ve created a section in the blue menu bar at the top of the page that says Coupons and links to a page of coupons you can print. That page is a permanent addition to the site and will update with new coupons daily (or as often as coupons.com refreshes them).

$5 off Barbie or Hot Wheels Toys

At this moment, there are two $5 off coupons, one for Barbie toys and the other for Hot Wheels toys. If your Easter basket contains a toy or two (ours do), grab that coupon before it’s gone!

$5.00 off with purchase of any Barbie toys $5.00 off with purchase of any Hot Wheels toys

If you want to learn more ways to get coupons for free, read this article at Money Saving Mom.

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