Fire Hose Craft for Preschoolers

Fire hose craft

Grace has been learning about community helpers. You know, teachers, police officers, firemen, bankers, grocers, God.

All the normal folks.

Anyway, when we talked about firemen, Grace was inspired to create a fire hose.

You know me. Grace wanted a fire hose, so we made a fire hose.

Fire Hose Craft for Preschoolers

This was one of those awesome crafts that required nothing special.

fire hose craft materials

I grabbed the bag of used up but still awesome toilet paper rolls, but you could easily use paper towel rolls or wrapping paper tubes. Wrapping paper tubes would have been fabulous and saved me some work, but we made this craft well before the Christmas season began.

Incidentally, Grace and I used empty wrapping paper tubes as swords and had an incredible sword fight where I taught her the meaning of “I’ll run you through!”

Because I am an amazing mother.


  • Lots of toilet paper rolls
  • Packing tape
  • Scissors
  • A piece of blue paper or a blue plastic shopping bag or cellophane

Making Your Fire Hose Craft

  1. Put the toilet paper rolls together to make a 3-foot long tube. I taped each joint twice because they were a little wobbly. If your preschooler is anything like mine, this fire hose will not be treated gently. It needs to be sturdy.
    tape the joints between the rolls
  2. Give the tube to the preschooler and let her talk into it. That was a fun lesson in how sound travels, even though it didn’t have anything to do with making the finished fire hose.
    fire hose craft for preschoolers
  3. Once the tube is long enough, attach the last toilet paper roll at an angle. This will be the nozzle, where the water comes out.
    fire hose craft for preschoolers
  4. Next, stuff something blue into the end. I used a blue piece of paper, but you could use something else. Something like a plastic bag would be more realistic.
    fire hose craft for preschoolers
  5. Play!
    fire hose craft for preschoolers

We made pretend fires and pretend gardens and soaked each other and gave the baby a pretend shower.

Unfortunately, the fire hose didn’t last too long. After a day or two of playing, it was falling apart. It sure was fun while it lasted, though.

How would you play with a pretend fire hose?

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