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jesse treeIn 2009, I read about the Jesse tree, a kind of Advent calendar that traces the lineage of Jesus the whole way through the Old Testament, back to God Himself.

Even though we hadn’t spent much time in church at that point, I wanted to focus our family’s Christmas holiday on Jesus. I needed time to reflect on Him and pray together, and I wanted to share that time with Grace.

I made ornaments for the tree. I collected readings and prayers from books, websites, and friends. I put together a spiral-bound flip book of devotionals that first year.

The flip book didn’t work the second year because I had written the dates on the cards, and the dates change each year.


I had to start over completely. The second year, I put the devotionals on a stack of index cards held together by a binder ring. That worked, but there wasn’t enough room on the cards for the extra information I needed, like the words for some of the songs and the text of the important Bible verses.

Another snag.

I got it right this year. I made each of the cards into a full page, and I put them all together in a binder.

Best of all, at the request of my Bible study friends, I made the devotions into an eBook, a file that I could share with other families to help them create their own Jesse trees.

In the spirit of the holiday, it’s completely free. No action required, no subscription, no Facebook like, no email from your mother.

Though, while you’re here, I would be delighted if you would subscribe and Like us on Facebook.

But it’s not required.

Celebrate advent. Grow closer to Jesus.

Download How to Celebrate Advent with a Jesse Tree

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  1. says

    thanks for sharing your hard work! my son really likes to hang his artwork on the walls (and doors and windows and mirrors) of his room lately, so I’m thinking the idea of coloring the art will work for us, and we’ll have a Jesse “gallery” rather than a tree.

  2. Tara says

    Thank you so much. I’ve been wanting to do the Jesse Tree for years at home. I’m thinking maybe we can start with the readings and discussion this year and I like another readers idea of a Jesse Gallery…Thanks again.

  3. Mary Beth says

    This is amazing! Thank you! I am dreaming of how I can use it in my Sunday School class. A few years back a Jesse tree (printed on paper) came with my curriculum but it didn’t have any instructions to go with it. I have held on to it not knowing what to do with it but also not wanting to throw it away because it intrigued me. I can’t wait to share this with my Sunday School kids and my family. Thank you!

  4. Lori Baldwin says

    Your ideas seem really fresh and innovative. I’d love a copy of your eBook so I can incorporate it into my Christmas Festivities! Thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    This is actually the first time I’ve heard of a Jesse Tree. But I have wanted to do something special for Advent for several years now, and always forget until it is too late to start.

    Thanks for the download!! I’m excited to have a plan in place this year ahead of time!

  6. says

    Love it!! I have done a Jesse tree for a few years, this year, just didn’t cause my ornament fell apart. Now I may work on new ones for next year! I love the advent box idea! Love advent!

  7. June says

    Thank you! This is my first year doing the Jesse Tree and I found a great ebook (it had some really nice pictures that can be printed out and used as the ornaments) that I’ve been using, but I kept thinking, “Is that all?” Then I found your ebook and that’s what I was missing – some songs to sing!! Thank you very much for taking the time to make it an ebook to share with the rest of us, it is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  8. Christine says

    Thank you for making this e-book available to everyone! My family and I used your Jesse Tree devotion for our advent countdown this Christmas. My husband was so thankful that we were doing this together as a family and it really brought us closer to knowing HIM this season! Thank You! I hope you don’t mind that I put a link back to your site from my blog.


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