10 Handmade Christmas Gifts You Can Make Now

When Christmas rolls around this year, I’m going to be 39 weeks pregnant. Or else I’ll already have a newborn.

In either case, I won’t be doing much crafting. I probably won’t be doing much at all at that point (aside from complaining and writing on my blog).

So I’ve already started making Christmas gifts for this year.

You don’t need to be hugely pregnant to start your homemade Christmas gifts now. If you’re hoping to save some money or give more personal gifts, make them.

Here are some ideas I’ve found. They’re all relatively inexpensive, and you have plenty of time to make them for everyone on your list.

  1. Photo Wreaths. I saw this photo on another blog (with no credit or link given) and scoured the internet for an hour trying to find the original. I did!
    Photo wreath
    This photo wreath is made very simply, by cutting out circles of scrapbook paper and black and white photos and adhering them to a styrofoam wreath. I wonder if you could also use a cardboard circle that you’d painted. You can read the full explanation at Parents.com.
  2. Stationery. I’m a paper hound. I love fancy note cards, homemade or commercial. When you make it yourself, you can choose the colors, textures, and even add a monogram.
    Homemade Stationery Box
    My first suggestion is a homemade stationery box. It could be combined any cards to make a beautiful handmade gift.
    handmade stationery
    These note cards are simple to make using Martha Stewart‘s Punch Around the Page series of craft punches. Here’s another set using the same punches.
  3. Hair accessories. Grace loves fancy accessories, and so do a lot of little (and big) girls.
    handmade felt flower
    This felt flower is so cute! Depending on the colors you used, you could make it appropriate for any season. I know a little girl who would love one in pink and purple or hot pink and light pink.
    DIY hair clip
    I just think these clips are cute. They’re tiny, so they might not be as appropriate for an adult, but they are cute nonetheless. You could adapt the pattern pretty easily for adults, just by making the flower bigger.
  4. Jewelry. As with hair accessories, lots of girls and women love jewelry. Many wonderful styles are easy to make with relatively few tools.
    Glass pendants
    I can’t believe how easy it is to make these adorable glass pendants. The original tutorial uses scrapbook paper, but I think they’d also be wonderful made with photos. I found several other tutorials for glass pendants. This one is really good, too.
    beaded necklace
    Is this necklace fabulous or what? Beads Unlimited has a full tutorial and also sells a full kit of supplies for making this particular necklace.
  5. Bed warmers. This idea is brilliant. The only place I know of in this whole world where the sheets aren’t cold in the evening is my Old Grandma’s house. That’s only because her coal heat keeps the house around 90 degrees.
    Bed warmer
    I’d never heard of a bed warmer before I found this tutorial. The author says that her grandmother makes them for all of the grandchildren, and that they line up at the microwave in the evenings to warm them. I love that mental picture!
  6. Tote bags. Tote bags are one of my personal favorite gifts to give and to receive. Here are some wonderful ones that I found.
    Silhouette Tote Bag
    This idea, from Martha Stewart, would work for a beloved pet or a photo of a person. I think it’s adorable.
    Doily tote bag
    This tote bag is very simple, but striking. All you need is some paint and a paper doily.
    The original post give suggestions for making the bag into a gift by stuffing it with themed items.
  7. Christmas ornaments. Stores are already starting to put out their Christmas supplies, and you should be able to find a variety of glass balls and other ornament-making supplies.
    silhouette ornaments
    I really like silhouette projects; can you tell? This ornament is different from the traditional glass ball. I’d like to see a whole bunch on the tree (maybe one for each year?).
    homemade photo ornaments
    These ornaments are made of paper, and they are simple to make.
    Felt ornaments
    I love these ornaments, too. Felt is really easy to work with if you have some felt glue, and these ornaments remind me of ones made of less fragile glass.
  8. Book folders. Who wouldn’t love to have one of these hanging book shelves to hang next to their bed or in a favorite reading spot? Because you make it yourself, you can use kid-friendly or adult-friendly fabrics and tie it into the decor in the room where it will hang.
    hanging book display
    The original tutorial shows a bunch of different examples of the finished project.
  9. Magnets. Everyone uses magnets, right? We have a wild collection of magnets from our travels as a family (beginning with our honeymoon), but some people like to keep their magnets neat and organized.
    jeweled magnets
    These magnets are made with thrift store jewelry. They’re quick and easy – and ridiculously cheap to make.
    marble magnets
    Aren’t these magnets pretty? I love the way they sparkle. Made with fancy paper or photos and glass marbles, they are also simple to make.
  10. Candles.
    teacup candles
    The tutorial for these tea cup candles is available in a lot of places, but I like Martha Stewart’s version.  Find pretty tea cups at estate sales or thrift stores and fill them with candle wax. It could be tricky to find enough cups, so start looking soon!
    frosted candles
    You won’t believe how easy it is to make these little votive candles. According to the original tutorial, you just roll them in Elmer’s glue and Diamond Dust. What an easy project!

I think this goes without saying, but don’t start on the food gifts just yet. The brownies, cookies, and chocolate candies should probably wait until December.

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  1. Krista says

    Thanks for the great ideas! I will be using the doily on tote bag one for a cousin who’s getting married at Christmas. I make a mean honeymoon getaway bag! 😉
    I’ve made the glass marble magnets with friends. If you get heavy duty magnets they’re the best thing around and small enough to not cover up whatever you’re trying to hold up!
    Oh, and I have one of those foot warmer things… my hubby and I traded stocking stuffers last year since my mom got me some soap I couldn’t use and he got a neck warmer he would never use… but I now use it for my feet! Especially when he’s gone.

  2. MamaHen says

    I love the photo wreaths. What a great present for grandparents. And the candle tea cups! I am going to the thrift store tomorrow for something else, but I will be on the lookout for cups. Thanks for the ideas.

  3. Lisa says

    My daughters and I made the magnets last year using my aunt’s costume jewelry. They were gorgeous and made great gifts!

  4. says

    Great ideas! Many of the projects you featured are ones I know I’m going to have to make for people on my Christmas gift list this year.

  5. mom2fur says

    I’m going to bookmark this page–so many cute ideas! I’m doing some homemade things for Christmas, too, including several crochet, knit and sewn items. I just ordered some buckwheat hulls from an Etsy shop and I love the idea of those bed warmers. (My sheets are always f-f-freezing!)

  6. AMurray says

    This is an awesome list! I right clicked on almost every link to open them in new tabs! Wonderful recommendations!

  7. Mountain Mom (Rachel) says

    This is great. I think I will be listing this link on my blog pretty soon about ideas for crafts for Christmas.

  8. Nissa says

    Hi Tara, just wanted to reach out to you and thank you for posting the wreath photo idea. So unique and personal I had to add it to my blog. I’ve mentioned you in it if you’d like to view it here: http://bit.ly/uK6jtB. I like to share unique ideas and ways to save as well. Look forward to reading more of your post

    All the best

  9. MamaB says

    I realize this is an older blog, but I wanted to share some of my christmas gifts:

    Some of my adult kids are receiving palette wine racks, cut/sanded/stained and stocked with favorite wines (and sparkling cider) and a set of interesting wine glasses that store below on the glass rack. I added a bag with a wine opener and a few starter corks for their collection, and a set of handmade wineglass charms.

    A collection of 2 each holiday ornaments for the young grandchildren (1)Christmas letters to Santa in small jars with the year on front…great to read in the future, (2)dough handprint Santa ornaments, (3)Snowman handprints on round glitter filled ball ornaments.

    A couple of my children are moving into their own homes now. I found some lovely designer lamps with tortoise shells (sell for almost $500)…then gave kudos to my sulfate tortoise who helped by providing a quick loan of his– lovely carapace from which to make a mold which was then filled with fine plaster, dried, sealed and antiqued. Actual cost each: $24 (savings $476). Then I made a night lamp from a decorative wooden/metal base, a nightlight on cord, another tortoise shell cast and a stand made of a wire hanger and painted black. Materials cost: $7. To buy: $120 (savings $103)…as he will be 32″ and 200#, I thought a memento for my kids and grandkids (who will take care of him for the next century) of his first year would be fun…like a cast baby handprint 😉

    A reversible magnetic spice rack. The outside of a large baking sheet is painted an earth tone enamel. The inside is painted with chalkboard paint. 24 magnetic tins were bought from the craft store (on $1 sale each), and I included chalk and a marker to label both sides as wished. The spice racks can be mounted either way on a wall or door or even under a cabinet if desired.

    A few of my college aged boys are each getting a hand crocheted blanket attached to a (queen/king) micro plush blanket. They are never too old for an extra cozy blanket on the bed or in the ottoman beside the sofa. Different colors and patterns made each one custom.

    The other gift each will receive (x16) is a custom made safe bank made with antique post office box doors. I found 16 sequentially numbered doors (with working combinations) and built the wooden boxes around them, sanded, stained and lacquered. Outside, a card with the combination (I kept a master list). Inside: assorted gift cards (Coffee shop, Bookstore, Pizza, Fast Foods, Houseware store and a nicer restaurant).

    WIth so many to buy for, I wanted to personalize and teach the value of giving our time and energy to others instead of just money for someone else’s work.

    I can’t upload pics here but you can find similar inspirational ones online.


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