Things to Write Home About – 8/15/10

Here are some of my favorite posts from the last couple of weeks:

Homegrown: Parenting & Having Fun As A Family

Home Cooking: Recipes & Kitchen Tips

Homemaking: Keeping Your House Running

Homemade: Crafts & Other Projects

Healthier Mom: Improving my Physical & Emotional Well-being

If you are featured above (or were featured during any past week), please feel free to grab the follow code and post the badge on your site:

Feels like Home

Have you post something this week that was worth writing Home about? Send me the link, and maybe you’ll see it here next Sunday!

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  1. AngieB says

    WOW! I fell like I’ve hit the jackpot with these links! I’m for sure doing the floor thing in my pantry, may make the peanut butter balls later tonight, and just tweeted a link to the ribbon wands to a friend! I hear you’re speaking at BBC in Philly – wish I was going!!

  2. says

    I’m not sure I have the courage to try it. The carpet in our living room is wrecked, but with a new baby coming, I’m not sure I want to rip it out. Some day, though! :) I love the idea, and I think the look is nice, too.

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