Our Easy Scarecrow Craft

The day Grace broke her leg, she and I worked on a terrific little craft.

As is the case with most of our crafts, I got the idea from my friend, Allie, who posted it on her amazing blog. You should go check out her instructions, as she’ll tell you how to make this into a real learning experience. Tomorrow, for Tell Me Thursday, I’ll tell you what we did, but it won’t come close to her original instructions.

easy scarecrow craft

Grace loves gluing. What kid doesn’t?

Our glue was a little too thick for Gracie to handle, so I had to take over. We were both disappointed.

easy scarecrow craft 3

I love the faces she makes when she is concentrating.

easy scarecrow craft

Look at those little lips! Couldn’t you just give her a smooch?

easy scarecrow craft 5

Intense concentration!

easy scarecrow craft

Our masterpiece

easy scarecrow craft 6

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