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My mission at Feels Like Home is to help you be happier in your life. It has taken me some time to figure that out; it didn’t really become clear to me until I was talking about Feels Like Home at BlogHer.Family Fun Book

I have the best life I can imagine. I’m busy, but my tasks are manageable in light of the priorities I’ve established for myself. I have an amazing daughter and husband and a supportive extended family.

The following is part of a blog campaign from Mom Central on behalf of Unilever/Making Life Better. I received a gift card and a copy of the Family Fun Book from Mom Central to thank me for taking the time to participate.

When Mom Central asked me if I’d like to participate in a blog tour for The Family Fun Book from Making Life Better, I jumped at the chance. First of all, I met Stacy DeBroff, the mom at the helm of Mom Central, while at the Sara Lee Back to School Nutrition Summit. I loved her; she is dynamic and fun and talks about her kids all the time. I really enjoy hearing other moms’ stories.

The Family Fun Book is a free 41-page book focusing on ways to get your kids involved in meal preparation. Written by Jennifer Bushman, author of the Kitchen Coach cookbook series, the book including chapters on everything from meals under $12 to meals ready in under 30 minutes to meals that you can pack for a Living Room picnic.

You already know that I’m passionate about getting children into the kitchen to help with meal preparation, so The Family Fun Book is right up my alley. I’ve been using it at my house for a couple of weeks.

Making Life Better is a Unilever site, so there are product tie ins and advertisements. There are coupons for many Unilever products, but even better, there are articles on lots of different topics ranging from health and beauty to home and family to wellness, often written by experts like Bob Greene. There are also lots of recipes.

How do you get your kids involved in meal preparation?

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